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News from HWg world

HWg-STE plus is Ethernet thermometer with Digital Inputs.
WEB-based temperature and humidity measurement with two Digital Inputs for dry contacts. Supports SNMP and the SensDesk online portal.
Sends an e-mail when a contact is closed or the temperature is high. Supplied with PDMS – Windows software for producing MS Excel reports.
Supports SNMP. Supplied with one temperature probe, power adapter and software.

The new temperature sensor with IP67 protection will be introduced in the new HWg-STE plus device.
There will be 1m / 3m and 10m options available.
Because of temperature range (-10°C to +80°C) it's not replacing the current "Outdoor" version (-50°C to +125°C).

Poseidon 2250, HWg-STE and Captemp SQL 4 certified for transport, storage and conservation of deep-frozen food temperature monitoring and control. Solution from Captemp, Lda is compatible with REGULATION (EC) No 37/2005, comply with EN 12830, EN 13485 and EN 13486 standards.

Find more about our products 1-3.10 in Linz on the Smart Automation 2013.

BellEquip GmbH
Halle DC / Stand 425

Monitoring products

Poseidon device is remote monitoring device over IP & SMS. Poseidon is system for data-center temperature and environment monitoring. The Poseidon solution monitors (temperature, humidity, electricity supply, access to the room, water leak detector). Alerting works by e-mail, SNMP traps, SMS, output relays.

Damocles connects more dry contacts inputs and outputs to IP networks. Models differ in supported features, numbers of digital inputs and outputs, etc.

IP serial products

PortStore is RS-232 serial data logger. Typical application is call accounting CDR/SMDR data collector from PBX or IP PBX. Logged data are available over TCP/IP or SMTP or FTP.

I/O and serial port (RS-232 & RS-485) over Ethernet.


Poseidon 4001 is rack Access Control System and SNMP environment monitoring for 19" cabinets. It's solution for datacenter cabinets IP-based ACS integrated wihttp://distributors.hwg.cz/node/463/editth remote rack monitoring.

HWg-SH3 is a cabinet IP Access Control System (ACS) with RFID and SNMP interface. User database is configurable over the Web. Can be used as a stand-alone card access system with web management (Offline) or as a central cabinet Access Control System (Online). Remote monitoring over Email and SNMP.


HWg-Juno 008 is 0/8 Ethernet I/O for IP Camera Video management software. Supports PoE (IEEE 802.3af) and 48V power suply. Order L profile 19" size 600377 for 19" rack mount.

HWg-Juno is I/O device for IP CCTV integration. You can simply connect Digital Inputs & Relay outputs to your current central IP video management system. HWg-Juno support protocols for seamless integration with most of the IP Video software´s.